“If you think safety is expensive, try an accident…”
– Anonimous Aviation Qoute –


Northern Star Partners NSP

The cockpit-perspective broadens your world!
Trust, leadership, teamwork and proper communication are import within each organisation. By the means of the safety culture of aviation Northern Star Partners (NSP) discusses these topics from a cockpit-perspective in modern airliners. By flying a Boeing 737-800NG of Airbus A320-200 Full Motion Flightsimulator you will be introduced to the working methods of pilots in regular situations as well as emergencies. Briefing, scheduled flight and debriefing will occur as set in your flightplan at Schiphol Oost. To get acquainted with the proven best practises of the aviation industry a wide range of programmes are available such as: workshops, lectures and presentations. Why choose for the cockpit -perspective? Because the world looks entirely different at 10 kilometre altitude….

Northern Star Partners NSP believes that a safe and efficient world is an unsoiled world. Bearing this in mind, NSP wants to make the safety culture of the aviation industry accessible for a wide audience in a durable way. Our aim with all our activities is to create a partnership between human and nature in order to preserve the earth for the generations to come.

This is our belief and you may judge us because of it.1% for the Planet

The way we fullfill our mission:
Northern Star Partner NSP offers programmes based on the safety culture of the aviation industry. A safe and efficient operation with improved results for your organisation and the environment is the final goal. Besides NSP’s own activities we also invest in both humane and environmental programmes through the philosophy of People – Planet – Partners, a philosophy that improves the social climate on earth.

Whether it is about a training or the improvement of the living climate, peoples’ actions are essential to the result. Choices are at the bases of these actions. In our current society the choice for the paved road is often chosen.

Northern Star Partners NSP challenges you to make decisions based upon human and environment: the road less travelled by.
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The presence of people heavily influence the condition of the earth. By making conscious decisions in daily life everyone can contribute to the increase of the durability of the earth. Making this decision is the first step to change in behaviour.

The choice to preserve and improve the living climate on earth is crucial for the present and the future. However, the change in behavior will be different for each and everyone.
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We can make more progress in keeping the earth healthy when we undertake action together. That is why we need to instigate global partnerships. Partnerships come in different shapes and sizes.

Northern Star Partnerships has chosen to contribute to the good causes 1% for the Planet and the Alemachen Project in Ethiopia.
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Northern Star – Polaris

The northern star has enlightened the sky above the earth for over millions of years. She has been a beacon of navigation ever since men can remember. In the current world the northern star has a more symbolic meaning: values that show direction and trust. This meaning is greatly valued and respected by Northern Star Partners.
The earth is in need of relief of the burden she carries, therefore people should take their lifestyle into consideration. Luckily this is already occurring on a wide scale in various forms and organisations. But we have to continue to increase our efforts if we want to maintain the sustainability of the earth for the following generations. Northern Star Partners NSP wants to take on this responsibility.

People are the commencement of change; all human performances directly affect nature. Not until people strive for the same balance as nature does, the partnership between human and nature will come into existence. Northern Star Partners NSP aims to make your organisation grow by the means of this trinity: human, nature and partnership. NSP hopes to contribute to a mindset of a durable and sustainable living environment.

If you have any further questions or considerations, do not hesitate to contact us – we will happily inform you!
Please contact Northern Star Partners NSP or twitter: @northernstarpar